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Welcome to Your Mindful Life.

Mindful awareness is a game changer. It will teach you how to respond rather than react to events as they arise; how to untangle yourself from the debilitation of a distracted mind; how to reclaim the essence of your well-being. What's more, the evidence seems to show that it can lead to better mental health and a better relationship with this ‘one wild and precious life’ of yours. 1 

And all it requires is practice. Or rather, practice and art. The practice of detachment, determination and discrimination. The art of being with what is. 2

For myself, practice and art take the form of unfolding moments as they arise as a parent, partner, schoolteacher and aspiring freelancer, as well as during an array of other identities I either choose with conscious awareness or sleepwalk into. The intention of this blog is simply to document such moments in the hope that it will resonate with you.

In a sense your mindful life is a quest: an adventure or experiment in the unfolding narrative of this thing called ‘life’. It’s also a quest that offer us the opportunity to uncover the mindful life of practitioners and influencers: to hear the story they have to tell of how they came to be in a wiser relationship with the present moment, as well as how they managed to sustain that relationship. How they sustain the practice and art. Because that’s what I struggle with. Keeping on track. Staying with the practice. Staying with the art. Perhaps you struggle with that too? If so, let’s open up to that: to the struggle of allowing things to be, in all its curious and perplexing perfection.

Here's the thing: your mindful life is here. It's available. It's happening now. Plus, there's no cost: you just have to be able to breathe, stay in the present moment, and relinquish any pretence at expertise. 

Like I said, it’s that simple. It’s that hard. 

The question is: do you want to claim it? 

If you do, then I’d love to hear from you. Hear your story. Connect. All you have to do is subscribe and we can start the quest of reclaiming your mindful life together.

So welcome again.

Let's see where this takes us.

The practice of detachment, determination and discrimination. For more on this read 'Conquest of the Mind’ by Eknath Easwaran. He dedicates a chapter to each of these essential attitudes.


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