bringing awareness to the breath


What’s your stress-busting sanity-saver? Read more

teach like you are many and no one


Borges called his Parable 'Everything and Nothing.' It's tucked away at the back of 'Labyrinths'. It's about Shakespeare at the end of his life, and how he gets into this talk with God. Read more

love the one you're not with


Our attention is fragmentary. Read more

not noticing for noticing's sake


 Is it just about noticing? Is that what I’m supposed to be doing here?  Read more

you've got to make something good out of something bad

Christopher Reck

One of my favourite TED talks. Delivered by David Hoffman. A mindful response to adversity. A poem for an epiphany.

what happens when you lose everything

educators,take note: smart advice smart students need to know


Tim Ferriss had a great idea. He decided to seek out ‘eclectic mentors’ to help him ‘navigate life’. Read more

healing the howling of the monastery cat

Christopher Reck

When I think about our education system – actually when I think about the purpose of any organised system of human endeavour – I am reminded of the following Zen story:

Read more

the teacher's time out card


Teacher: have you ever had one of those moments when you’ve felt like saying to the class ... Read more

approaching mindfulness


Four summers ago a sunflower appeared where it shouldn’t have: between a crack of paving slab and some scabrous weed. Read more


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