practice and art

So what’s the catch? What's the small print? 
Good question.

Straight answer: Practice.

Practice and Art. 

The Practice of detachment, discernment and determination. The Art of accepting what is.* And both can be harnessed in the one-pointed attention of mindfulness meditation. 

Practice means: Do the work. Take your meds. Deploy your Task Positivity Network. Grow.

As for the art... well, like all art (if it has any value), its edgy, open to uncertainty, capable of embracing a paradox or two, ready to throw down some counter-intuitiveness, ambiguousness, messiness, visceral-ness. It reveals truth through stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. It says: what is this? But it says it with an attitude of kindness, curiosity and compassion. It teaches you to bring it all into the guest house. 

Wake up to the poetry of your life. 

Free verse it.

Gratitude acknowledgement

* Eknath Easwaran calls meditation the practice of detachment, determination and discrimination. For more on this read 'Conquest of the Mind’ by Eknath Easwaran. He dedicates a chapter to each of these essential attitudes.

* The art of accepting 'what is' comes from a number of teachers. I recommend Shinzen Young, The Science of Enlightenment: how meditation works, as well as this from Krishnamurti: Meditation is not something different from daily life... it is the seeing of what is and going beyond it.

Taken from the introduction to Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti

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