4 major things to work on

I got absorbed in an interview between Rick Hanson and Katherine Woodward Thomas. KWT is well-known for writing Conscious Uncoupling, a great book to read whether you're consciously uncoupling, unconsciously uncoupling, or unconsciously caught up in coupling or uncoupling. After exploring the premise of her work Hanson asked her, hey, what are you working on in your own relationships? 

This was her response:

1. Attach yourself to being liked. Show up for interactions with people from the felt sense that they already value and like you.

2. Reach out to people. If you like somebody, find a way to deepen the connection.

3. Work on deeper empathy. Really be with someone in an experience.

4. Start to work on repairing relationships that have been damaged. 

Image, Chris Briggs.

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