alright now


Growing up in the 70s I had a favourite song. It was called 'Alright Now'. You probably know it. Such a good song! 

It occurred to me that Alright Now is a useful mantra to help us in these times of uncertainty: that basically, when you let yourself experience the moment, everything is alright. Read more

mindfulness amidst uncertainty


It's a relief to note that in this era of social media we are once again appreciating what paper resources have to offer. Who knows, some of us might return to the ancient art of book- reading. Read more

when things get edgy


This is our opportunity to love and support one another. Read more

bringing attention to the intention-behaviour gap


Without wishing to dwell too much on the dreaded COVID 19 - after all, I am more likely to be run over by an SUV walking out of Save On Foods - I am grateful to it inasmuch as it's made me aware of something called the intention- behaviour gap. Read more

4 major things to work on


I got absorbed in an interview between Rick Hanson and Katherine Woodward Thomas. KWT is well-known for writing Conscious Uncoupling, a great book to read whether you're consciously uncoupling, unconsciously uncoupling, or unconsciously caught up in coupling or uncoupling. After exploring the premise of her work Hanson asked her, hey, what are you working on in your own relationships? Read more

little girl lost

Christopher Reck

Let us consider the little girl lost. The education system says it cares about her. And it does. It cares that her salvation lies in her academic attainment. 

But there is, potentially, a price for such attainment. The price of autonomic state. 

Your autonomic state determines your physiological sense of safety. However, education’s adherence to performativity has detached the little girl lost from her sense of safety. Yes, she needs cognitive stretch, yes she needs challenge. But it’s not her salvation. And she certainly doesn’t need what Dr Stephen Porges calls the ‘chronic shift’ of the ‘evaluative model’. This is because, according to Porges, the ‘evaluative model' is a frame within which you have to fit: and that can take its autonomic toll. Read more

greet your resistance


If you're concerned with the small matter of how you'll be remembered, then maybe work on this ....Read more

the energy of being interested


Has it occurred to you that you can simply become interested in whatever is arising for you? Read more

meeting Jack


Recently I was at the gym, stretching on a mat, when the dude next me said, Read more

don't be afraid to reach out


Marshall sat opposite me. He had a smooth round face. He had a confident air. He had stories. He had answers. Read more


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