your intimate quest

Hi, I’m Christopher. Welcome to your mindful life. I’m truly grateful for your time and interest.

So why have a mindful life? 

Well, maybe you’re struggling with anxiety, nervousness, or impulsiveness. Maybe relationships are a challenge for you. Maybe you have a habit or three you'd like to extract yourself from. Maybe you find yourself living in a state of expectation, rather than appreciating what you've already got. Maybe you feel like you’re always busy, as if 'busy' were the only worthwhile mode of existence. 

If so, your mindful life is here. It’s  available. It’s happening now. It’s waiting for you to claim it. And by ‘claim’ it I mean approach it like a hero would approach a quest: your  intimate quest. One that’s unique to you. But as with most quests there are setbacks. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? The setbacks are the only path available. The setbacks are ‘the way’.

So maybe you’d like to subscribe? See if we can work on cultivating your mindful life together? The only caveat being: we’re in this together. It will unfold in its own way. So trust the teachings, rather than believe me. Truth is: I’m learning with you.

In return for subscribing I’ll send you a free newsletter, meditations, posts on the roadworthiness of mindfulness, and a podcast devoted to exploring the mindful life of teachers, influencers, and practitioners; all of whom have a wealth of wisdom to help you cultivate your own mindful life.

Respect and warm wishes



Every month or so I'll send out ideas and resources - links to books, articles, podcasts, quotes, stories, art, music, meditations - that I hope will help inspire you to cultivate your own mindful life.