befriending your mind's design

Welcome to Your Mindful Life, a blog about a quest to befriend the mind’s design. It’s written by a teacher, parent, partner and player in this compassionate hustle we call life. Truth is though, we’re all teachers; there's always somebody relying on you to teach them something, or at least someone who would benefit from what you know. We’re all parents too, or the product of parenting. We’re all getting on with a relationship, getting out of a relationship, getting over a relationship, getting into a relationship, or getting by with not getting into a relationship at all. As for being a player, well, we're all wearing masks of some sort. Your mindful life seeks to find out whether it’s possible to create the conditions within yourself to take off the mask and get into a befriending relationship with the person you truly are.

The truth is, you already have it within you to be with the perplexing perfection of who you are. You already have the capacity within you to create the conditions within you to flourish. You already have a better life than the one you’re chasing. 

That better life is the one that's mindful.

It can be here. It can be available. It can be experienced as it's happening now. 

It can be experienced through experiencing what it is to befriend the mind’s design.

One way to do this is to take your meds. Another is to find the people who role model how and why a mindful life matters and explore the different shades of meaning that can be applied to what we mean by living a mindful life. That's where the podcast comes in. The podcast seeks to connect with those people and share the journey that is their mindful life. Maybe you’re one of these people? You most likely are, more than you know. If so, I'd love to hear from you. Then there are the teachers out there we need to listen to and learn from. We’ll find out who they are and check in with the practices they can guide us through. There’s a lot of them out there but I want to help you separate the teaching wheat from the teaching chaff.

I encourage you to join me.

With respect and warm wishes



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